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About Us

Who is the Teddy Bear Shop?

The Teddy Bear Shop was established over 40 years ago in Canberra. While the store has changed hands once during this time, the love for bears has only grown stronger.

We pride ourselves in our care and love for all teddy bears; collectables and those must have treasured pieces.

The currently owner, Meg has been the trustee of the Teddy Bear Shop Canberra since 2007.  However, this is not where her love of Teddy Bears started. Meg has fond memories of her child hood, “Blue Bear”, he didn’t leave her side for many years. Today Meg’s collection continues to grow and there’s no sign of her slowing down.

The team at the shop are always happy for customers to stop by the shop and show you the latest and greatest or to compare bear stories.  We love what we do at the Teddy Bear Shop Canberra, watching kids of all ages eyes light up when they find the perfect bear or latest item for their collection makes are hearts grow.