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CB Blue 20cm Designed by Isabelle Lee

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Blue, well how to explain what Blue is like? He really is a sweetheart. He is very affectionate and loving, and will often curl up with you for a cuddle (on his terms of course). British Blue Kittens are known for becoming very attached to their owners. They are intelligent cats as well, they can play catching games and Blue even likes to sit on the vacuum while we’re cleaning! They have the most amazing temperament — you won’t see a grumpy one!! Our Blue has the softest coat made from a dense Alpaca and a dinky hand embroidered nose cute whiskers and the brightest Blue Eyes so he lives up to his name.

  • 20cm
  • 100% Alpaca
  • Limited Edition: Numbers 408 and 409 of 1200 pieces Worldwide
  • 5 way Jointed
  • Standing Cat
  • Siblings: Ragdoll, Claws, and Catnip
  • Collection: Minimos 2016 "Purrfect Pal Collection"
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