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CB Little Bear Lost 37cm LE 400 pieces 2016

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What a beautiful lovely little bear. Made from a brown mid length sparse mohair which has gorgeous tonal shades. We have also introduced lots of additional shaving to the little bear to create an authentic preloved effect. He is loosely jointed with true wobble joints which adds to his doleful lost look. To add to this effect (like he has been truly well cuddled) we have also used a button and stitch detail on the tops of his arms and his legs which look like they are all that is holding him together. Little Bear Lost has a mishap stitch hand embroidered nose and careful shaving to his face and inner ear. To complete this bear we have soft filled him and placed inside an abundance of love - has he found his new home with you?

  • 37cm
  • 100% Mohair
  • Limited Edition: Numbers 163, 174, and 180 of 400 pieces worldwide
  • 5 way Jointed
  • Siblings: Time Piece, Nostalgia
  • Collection: Isabelle Lee Collection 2016
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