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CB Paws 20cm Designed by Isabelle Lee

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Paws, our brand new puppy dog, has been created using a thick dense alpaca which has made him the most fabulous coat. He is fully jointed and has a tiny hand embroidered nose, tiny mouth stitching and lovely bright eyes and of course chunky soft paws. We have weighted all the puppies to give them that adorable feel and I am sure you will find it incredibly difficult (I know I do) to not cuddle Paws all day. I can never seem to put him back on my shelf!!

  • 20cm
  • 100% Alpaca
  • Limited Edition: Numbers 429 of 1200 pieces Worldwide
  • 5 way Jointed
  • Standing Dog
  • Siblings: Polka Dot, Fetch (Not Available), Cassie (Not Available)
  • Collection: Minimos 2016 "Puppy Love Collection"
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