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CB Prince 41cm 100% Mohair Designed by Isabelle Lee 2016 collection LE 450 pieces

Prince is designed by Isabelle Lee, and Charlotte Morris. His accessory is a bow, he is 5 way jointed, and is in the same bear family as Daydreamer, Dreamkeeper, and Pernickety.

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Excessively curly caramel brown mohair has been used to create this charming character. He is superbly balanced with the internal weight we have used along with his slightly bent legs which enables this little bear to sit perfectly on the edge of the shelf where he can survey his kingdom. The fabric we have used adds a lustre to his coat and the lighter soft caramel brown mohair brightens up both his ears and chest. Tickly toes, sculpted paws (which is the most requested design feature we are now receiving from our collectors for our bears) along with his hand embroidered nose with airbrushing really do add to his charm we had to include everything we could on this elegant bear as it felt right to do so - he is a prince after all.
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