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Christmas Selfie the Elf

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Hi There! I'm Selfie the elf, and I live with Santa most of the year.

In December, I come to live with humans to share in the joy and fun of the Christmas season. when good children are asleep, I like to explore, and sometimes hide, so you may have to find me in the morning. I have been known to play a couple of jokes, just to remind everyone in the house that Christmas is a time of happiness and family. On Christmas Eve, I go back to Santa, and tell him all about you, so be very, very good.
Children are not allowed to touch me, otherwise I lose my magic. But if I have done something funny, why not take a photo of me and send it to my Instagram site so I can show Santa!

I can't wait to meet you and all your family, and to enjoy celebrating my favourite time of year with you.

Love, Selfie

  • 22cm
  • Plush
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