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Scampeteer 17cm Squirrel 86% M ohair 14% Alpaca Minimo LE 2,000 pieces

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Scampeteer the Squirrel features the most amazing fluffy tail you've ever seen. The attention to detail on these miniature critters is amazing with little whiskers and a hand stitched nose. He's even wearing a little necklace of a nut - emergency food supply perhaps! He'd love to find some new bear friends in your hug.

  • 17cm
  • 86% Mohair 14% Alpaca
  • Limited Edition: Numbers 275, 277, and 294 of 2000 pieces Worldwide
  • 5 way Jointed
  • Siblings: Pitter Patter (Not Available), Hoglet, Rocky and Townend,
  • Collection: Minimos 2015
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